Sleep – the essential component!

Turns out sleep is super important. Study after study of investigations into serious industrial accidents has shown that sleep has been a critical factor in why there was human error. In fact it has been said that “If you’re not sleeping properly then you’re not doing anything properly”.

Sleep in perspective represents 37% of our lifetime and yet work is only a statistical 19.8%.  A third of our life is sleep – fundamentally important to humans that provides medical and psychological benefit.  Sleep is so important the Guinness book of records has banned anymore sleep deprivation records because it is so harmful and injurious to health!  In fact there seem to be many rules for good quality sleep that involve both the quality and the quantity of sleep that you get.  The optimum temperature is about 18.3% and it is best to avoid all screens such as TV, laptops and mobile phones at least an hour before bed.  Also coffee rears its head here and can make it difficult to get enough restful healthy sleep.  Another good tip is to keep a journal by your bed and keeping a note of how your quality sleep journey is progressing.  Sleep architecture really is a thing and you can improve the quality of your life with high quality sleep practices.


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