Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a life skill you can use to learn, to remember and to access you natural creativity.

Mind mapping is a great system for allowing you to capture and organise all your ideas and thoughts - it is a Swiss army knife for the brain. Because the brain thinks in pictures and associates those pictures with ideas, generating a mind map cuts through the clutter of words and symbols and get to illuminate the crucial concepts that represent the main theme of a problem, opportunity or thought process.
I am a fully licensed TBLI instructor, trained by Tony Buzan, the founder of the Mind Mapping technique. I can help you use mind mapping to understand and resolve your issues, and to work on the areas of coaching you want help with in order to reach your goals.
Regardless of the setting, Mind Mapping sessions leverage the science of neurology within an established framework that works in concert with how your brain naturally functions.
I offer Mind Mapping services one-on-one to individual clients both in-person and over Skype, and to corporate clients in small teams and large group training settings. All Mind Mapping work covers four core skills, which can be adapted to suit your specific training needs:

1. Mind Mapping 101

Learn how to use mind maps - understand the science behind meta cognition - thinking about thinking! Learn how the brain uses mind maps to improve your intelligence, concentration, learning, memory and creativity. Use mind mapping to organise your thoughts and improve your thinking skills comprehensively.

2. Practicing Mind Mapping

We will build mind maps from scratch in the areas you want to focus on and learn how to create quick-think maps for agile brainstorming scenarios. This will include materials, software options, and the full techniques to become a Tony Buzan Licensed Practitioner.

3. Mind Mapping Professional

This will focus on using mind maps for specific professional endeavours - for example sales planning, taking meeting notes, creating project plans and brainstorming. This will include the basics of speed reading and developing your concentration.

4. Mind Mapping Bespoke

In this programme we will take any particular materials that you would like to work on for example project plans, reports, documents, books. This is a practical instructional learning experience to fine tune your Mind Mapping skills.

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