Cool Calm and Collected!

Cool Calm and Collected in the Workplace (CCC=W)

We’ve all been there with heightened stress and pressure at work, use higher ground strategies to excel in the work environment. Here’s a list of the ones I’ve found, email me if you have more!
1) Reduce coffee/tea, rotate with decaf to give the adrenal glands a break
2) Get enough sleep, I can’t emphasize this one enough, the days of burning the midnight oil to the point of illness are gone. I use an Oura ring that helps me get an idea of my heart rate variability and the amount of real restful sleep I’ve had. I believe great new work environments will have sleep environments available
3) Daily morning attitude of gratitude – founded and grounded in the knowledge that you can’t have two conflicting emotions at the same time
4) Build your support system! As Dr Lustig says it best – pleasure is fleeting and happiness is permanent
5) Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, say no more!
6) Disconnect – during the work day carve out time away from the distraction of a phone/email, even if it’s for 15 minutes a day and experience the difference
7) Reframe the environment – if there is a better perspective look for it. It isn’t really the pressure of deadlines or an over demanding boss that are the main issues – we all know this intuitively because it doesn’t happen all the time. Normally it is stress and worry based on our overblown version of events and our perception of this.
8) Breathe! Consider a simple open awareness practise that can help you relax for a few moments and build gentle receptivity. Find a quiet place during your day or at lunch where you can sit on a park bench or away from others, put aside your phone and any other distractions. Perhaps look at a point in the distance but be gently aware of your breathing in and out as well as the things around your peripheral vision.
9) Find your strong character strengths and focus on those areas that you are good at and use the other character strengths as a lens to view other people’s strengths from a positive perspective!

If you think of anything please let me know that I should add?

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