Organizational Change

Nurturing a corporate culture where employees and stakeholders embrace change can be one of the toughest challenges a company faces.

Companies and organisations change because they have no choice. Sometimes the force of change is internal and other times external, for reasons ranging from competition to internal culture and politics.

In the past, organisations committed themselves to creating stability with incredible amounts of resource expended creating strategic multi-year plans. Today, the rapid rate of market innovation and technological change has turned many organisations on their heads.

Today’s successful companies embrace risk and change management at both board and senior management levels. Organisational change management is a coaching activity that takes place at the highest levels of a company, and once completed successfully it impacts all levels of the organisation. True decision making for successful product and service delivery is becoming the remit of smaller and smaller teams and individuals, oftentimes involving strategic partnerships.

Everyone knows the key is to iterate faster and create a culture of real entrepreneurship where “productive” failing is recognised. The question is: how do you achieve this?
Gerry Lawrence

Gerry Lawrence, Company Director

Tariq is an excellent technical change manager, diligent and great at tracking the detail as well as keeping the team firmly focused on the strategic goals. He is well used to dealing with commercial and operations pressures from all sides and his pragmatic style ensures that things get delivered to specification and on time. Tariq is always open to new ideas and new working methods and is passionate about developing both himself and the teams he works with.
Toby Owen

Toby Owen, Chief Product and Technology Officer:

Tariq is a super-smart and talented product leader. He has an amazing ability to think in very complex and abstract concepts. He's a good visionary in the technology space, and is highly effective at communicating that vision to inspire others. He is relentlessly committed to his responsibilities, and is 100% trustworthy to follow through on assignments. Tariq was responsible for our security and compliance products and I would highly recommend him as a leader in the product space.
Tariq Juneja Corporate Change

Utilizing Scrum and Agile methodologies, I can help your team create an innovative culture that is able to scale.

Agile processes foster an iterative model of change in an organisation built on frequent inspection and adaptation, along with a individual leadership ethos that fosters teamwork, self-organization and accountability. Scrum is an ideal way of approaching Agile change, resulting in processes that enable your organization to adjust smoothly to rapidly-changing requirements and business goals – whatever you product and service delivery may be.

These methodologies build on components that allow an organization to customize their transformational strategy and implementation. By understanding internal work flow, systems and third party relationships, we can audit and create a taxonomy that will enable you to create incrementally prioritized change efforts in the areas that deliver most value and are most in need of change. This is an iterative approach that passively builds a learning organisation that can scale in a fast changing world.

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